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Aquaculture – the GeoExchange Way

Lockhart Industries has designed and installed refrigeration systems for commercial clients throughout Vancouver Island, BC. The most rewarding  and largest challenge that we’ve accomplished has been the chilling and heating of water for salmon-rearing aquaculture  facilities. Lockhart Industries engineered a way on our first 150USgpm design to save up to $100,000 USD operating cost in four months, thus facilitating  less than a one-year payback on these custom designed systems. We pioneered  these unique custom designed heating and chilling units (GeoExchange)  on the West Coast and continue to improve our product quality and lower operating costs. We use the same equipment  to chill eggs and then subsequently warm the fry. This allows for greater versatility of first feeding as well as greatly accelerating  their growing while lowering mortality. Adding DOC controls to the Aquaculture GeoExchange heat pump systems is a way to enhance product quality, optimize energy consumption and extend equipment life. This enhancement facilitates  the very close control of the biomass and optimization  of energy consumption. These systems can also be tied into spread sheets to trend the performance of the system to performance of the biomass.
inner workings of a geoexchange / geothermal system

Huge savings over conventional heating systems.

Lockhart Industries, established in 1981, is based on pride and innovation. As an extension of their tenacious pursuit of excellence, Lockhart Industries recognized the high quality and efficiency of GeoExchange heat pumps. In March 1996, Doug Lockhart received advanced training and was certified to install GeoExchange heat pumps for Water Furnace International  and is IGSHPA certified (International  Ground Source Heat Pump Association).

mechanics of a geoexchange aquaculture system

Should your requirement be shellfish or fin-fish, Lockhart Industries can custom design a Cooling/Heating system for your application. We have the resources and ability to design and build the equipment out of 316L stainless steel or titanium, whatever your requirement. The system will use renewable energy, saving you a ton of energy money and saving the environment from tons of C02. Whether your system is a conventional straight through hatchery or a recirculation  system, Lockhart Industries can work with you and your engineers to custom build the system to run efficiently for years to come. When you combine all of this with the fact that the operation and maintenance  is minuscule on the equipment that is already industry time tested, the choice is very easy. Give Lockhart Industries a call today to see how much we can save you while increasing your production.

An integral aspect of a successful business is innovative employees that share the initiative and drive for excellence that has established the reputation of Lockhart Industries. The Lockhart team believes in continuous enhancement  of education and keeping one step ahead of industry standards.  In keeping with the same mind set, all aspects of Lockhart Industries are found to be above industry average in education, design, application and ongoing maintenance of our long-term customers.

Lockhart Industries continues to address Hatchery owners’ and managers’ needs to eliminate  large inefficient boiler systems in favour of the reliable, environmentally friendly, extremely efficient GeoExchange heat pump systems. You too can have the Mercedes that gets 250 MPG -what a winning combination!

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