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house with geothermal system installedThe earth absorbs 47% of the sun’s energy, 500 times more than man requires each year

This energy transformed into a renewable and clean resource provides a constant unchanging source of energy for our use. GeoExchange heat pumps take the heat in the heating season and transfers it. Then in the cooling season returns the heat to the earth. GeoExchange is the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean,and cost effective space conditioning system available today according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. GeoExchange has been known by various names, including geothermal heating and cooling, ground source heat pumps and earth coupled heat pumps. GeoExchange is the new international trade name for the technology which heats and cools by taking heat from or returning heat to the earth.

The GeoExchange heat pumps are hooked up to a series of pipes called loops which run under the earth’s soil or water. These pipes then run back to the building after drawing the heat or cold depending on the season, to provide comfort conditioning. This proven technology is environmentally friendly and extremely cost effective, saving 70% or more on annual heating costs. As an additional benefit this wonderful technology can provide inexpensive hot water.

installation of a geothermal systemBecause GeoExchange heat pumps work on different principles and are contained indoors, they require little maintenance or attention compared to the normal furnace/air conditioning systems. Not being exposed to the elements, dirt, leaves or vandalism and with less moving parts makes them highly dependable. The underground components, when properly installed, are virtually worry free with warranties up to 50 years. Properly installed GeoExchange systems offer the highest indoor air quality available today. A study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that high efficiency GeoExchange systems are on the average 48% more efficient than the best gas furnace and more than 75% more efficient than oil furnaces. The best GeoExchange system even outperforms the best gas heat pumps by an average of 36% in the heating mode and 43% in the cooling mode, less gas costs.
GeoExchange has two types of energy sources, ground/ surface water or ground source systems. Ground water has a stable temperature (4 -10 C / 39 – 50 F) in most parts of the world. The ground/surface water heat source is tapped into by open or closed loops. Closed loops work with a direct expansion system. The working fluid evaporates in underground heat exchangers or brine loop systems. Open loop systems draw water from one source then discharge it back to the earth. Ground-source systems also have a constant temperature and are used for both residential and commercial applications. A series of pipes are laid vertically or horizontally in which the heat is extracted from the earth by either direct heat expansion or a brine system.

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