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Commercial, Industrial or Institutional GeoExchange / GeoThermal Systems

Open Ground Water Loop

Ground water loops for commercial, industrial and institutional Requiring less excavation, the open loop system draws from an underground aquifer lowering initial installation costs. The naturally stable temperature of underground water (4 -12 C / 39 – 55 F) drawn from a well to the heat pump is then returned to a drainage area or a returning well. The returned water has no harmful effect on the environment. High efficiency and initial lower installation costs make this open system a strong option for many clients.

Closed Loop Earth System

Closed Loop earth systems for commercial, industrial and institutional, The ground absorbs 47% of the sun’s energy which is renewed daily.The closed loop system takes advantage of this in a series of pipes bored verticality 150 to 500 feet in the ground, grouted and sealed in. Parallel horizontal pipes are then laid in trenches 6 feet deep, coupled with vertical pipes when the property has the space. This type of system is very durable and will repay its owners for decades to come.

Surface water system

Surface water system for commercial , industrial and institutional Many large complexes are near a pond, lake or ocean creating a free source of energy. The closed system submerges a series of slinky coils under the water to the ocean, pond or lake’s floor. The coils then either reject or extract heat as required. This system can make for a very inexpensive option if surface water is nearby.

Boiler/Tower system for commercial industrial and institutional

Existing boiler/tower systems can be retrofitted for efficiency upgrades where large geothermal systems are not practical. Hybrid systems include conventional heat rejection or tower/boilers coupled with GeoExchange loops. The tower/boilers are added to a downsized GeoExchange loop to handle peak loads seasonally.

Business people who own a GeoExchange system swear by them. Because of rising costs, managers and owners must cut back on expenses to improve the bottom line. No space conditioning system today can save you more money than GeoExchange heat pumps while providing the best quality air environment available today. Scores of schools, institutions, industrial sites and commercial ventures across North America have gone to GeoExchange, reaping the benefits of savings in heating and cooling costs, while lowering maintenance expenses. A recent study shows maintenance costs at an extremely low 7 to 10 cents per sq. ft per year. The fact that geothermal heat pumps are indoors and have a 10 year warranty and the ground loops a 50 year warranty, the maintenance cost drop dramatically over conventional systems. The systems have such flexibility that a building can be heated in one section while simultaneously cooling in another to offer total comfort control. With the multi-pump installation system, when one unit is in need of repair, because of the modular design it can be worked on without effecting the rest of the system. Environmentally geoexchange taps into the earth’s renewable resource and only runs on a very minimal amount of electricity which makes it the cleanest heating and cooling space conditioner available today.

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